300/500V building cables

60227 IEC 05



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    huatai special cable


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PVC Insulayed Wire

Standards implemented

It is manufactured according to GB/T5023、JB8734Standard.


This product is fit for ac rated voltage 300/500V.

Structural Size & Main Technical Parameters of the cable

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After finished electric wire and cable soaking for 1h, the rated voltage Uo is 300V which needs to last 5 minutes with no breakdown at AC2000V, rated voltage Uo is 450V which needs AC2500V last 5 minutes with no breakdown.

Operating characteristic and main technical performance

The long-term working temperature of electric wire does not exceed 70 ℃, the highest temperature oflongterm working conductor is 90℃, when the operating environment of cable can prevent thermoplasticflow and allow insulation resistance reductionandalso with the premise of shorten total operating time,the operating temperature of PVC mixture that can becontinuously used at 90℃ can beenhanced to 105℃.Layout ambient temperature ≥ 0℃

Model,name,rated voltage,production and applicable scope

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Nylon jacketed Wire


PVC insulated nylon sheathed wire mainly applied 

to rated voltages that not exceed 450/750V, Under the

condition of flame retardant or non-flame-retardant,the

wire shall be used in buildings, computerized devices and

household appliances.

It is manufactured according to GB/T10261


In the premise of meeting the requirem ents of electricinsulating performance,in order to possess several advantages, such as high mechanical strength, excellentlubricant and oil-proof properties, long service span, the products have already been minimized the size of shape,lightened the weight. The service span is three times of common cloth wire.

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Type and specification

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Disadvantages of ordinary- structure cable

(1) Ordinary electrical wires have small sized overload capacity and low circuit thermal capacity, long-term working temperature is 70℃, which can not bear higher ambient temperature; Meanwhile PVC insulation 

shrinks when heated, which will affect the safety of electrocircuit work.

(2) The mechanical strength of insulating layer is relatively lower, which will easily cause power failures if a

mouse bits through.

(3) When electrical wires are laid at places such assmeary, oil steamy kitchens or around oil depots, due to

the existence of oil and chemical substances, the insulating layer will swell, and consequently be aged, fractured and lose the mechanical & physical performance, and eventually the electrical wires scrapped.

(4) Insulating layers are easily damaged when poling laid and cause power supply accident potentials.

(5) When moisture enters into electrical wires, insulating medium loss increases while insulation resistance declines and accordingly influences the service life of electri-cal wires.

Advantages of nylon sheath wire

(1) Excellent mechanical performance, the tensile strength is over 5.5 times of polyethylene wire, and it is

hailed as “soft armor”.

(2) With well thermal endurance work normally even in temperature high as 121℃. Nylon has only two states:

glass state and viscous flow state, no high elastic state, so even in temperature high as 150℃, it does not change obviously.

(3) Good abrasion resistance.

(4) Good chemical stability, resisting oil, hydrocarbon,etc.

(5) Because of the reduction of outside diameter, the conduit of same inner diameter can hold more wires with

larger diameter.

(6) Well self lubricating performance makes pipe threading easier, and work efficiency higher. And avoids

damage of the wire poling.

(7) The insulated shrinkage rate is lowered sharply, this will reduce the bareness at the joint of the wire with other electrical equipments, and improve the safety of wire working.

Performance comparison between nylon sheath wire and common wire

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Test result

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300/500V building cables 1